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An Introduction to the Native Frame Blog

Michael Mitrakos
June 12, 2024
5 min read

The Native Frame™ Blog

As a leader in video live streaming technology, we are launching a weekly blog series to share with you our experiences and expertise in bringing solutions to life. We will be uploading a new post each Thursday to build a library of content that is designed to help everyone in and around Native Frame™ deliver a superior live streaming video experience. We are on this journey together and are looking forward to spending Thursdays with you telling our stories and listening to your feedback. We actively work to do just that every day, but Thursdays will be the day we do it via blogging.

Native Frame™ Blog

Our Origin Story

Our experience building live streaming solutions for clients dates back over 20 years. We cut our teeth by doggedly seeing and then helping fulfill client’s business aspirations using ever-advancing livestream technologies. Our customer-centric focus has inspired us to create the ultimate video live streaming toolkit. We call it Native Frame™. Rather than purchasing third party branded software, often with inflexible features and benefits, Native Frame™ clients rely on our design build-to-suit business model where solutions truly become native for their unique use cases. We embrace today’s anywhere, anytime video consumption environment and build our tools to enable publishers to easily reach their audience with best in class quality, regardless of environmental conditions or user device preferences, without sacrificing the all-important viewer experience.

An Experienced Start Up

We are live streaming experts with deep video live streaming experience honed over years of real world experience, but as we bring new products and features to market, we choose to live life like a startup. We are the opposite of complacent. We know our commitment to customer success will win the day, so everyone on the team is available to deliver a spectacular experience to our customer’s audience.

A Learning Journey

Just like our customers, we have faced the challenges of streaming video live. We know how demanding it can be to work in real time and are eager to share what we have learned. We are accelerating our learning by working with our customers on new configurations, integrations, and workflows.

Building a Partner Ecosystem

It takes an amazing team to deliver excellence in video live streaming. We have relationships with the many disciplines required including other software tool makers, platform providers, producers, engineers, talent, and project managers. We are rapidly expanding our partner program and are interested in talking with anyone in the video live streaming universe.

Engineering Mindset

We have an engineering mindset and are steadily adding new features and functionality to Native Frame™. Our post next week will delve into our secret sauce – creating native solutions for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Native Frame™ apart from other live streaming solutions?

Native Frame distinguishes itself by offering a bespoke, client-centric approach to live streaming solutions. Instead of relying on third-party software with rigid features, we tailor our toolkit to suit the unique needs of each client, ensuring best-in-class quality and viewer experience across all devices and environments.

How does Native Frame™ balance its extensive experience with a startup mentality?

Despite our extensive experience in the live streaming industry, Native Frame™ operates with the agility and innovation mindset of a startup. We remain committed to customer success by constantly evolving our products and services, ensuring that every member of our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for our clients' audiences.

What can clients expect from Native Frame's approach to learning and knowledge sharing?

At Native Frame™, we understand the challenges of live streaming firsthand and are eager to share our expertise with clients. Through collaborative learning initiatives and real-time problem-solving with our customers, we continuously expand our knowledge base and accelerate innovation in configurations, integrations, and workflows.

How does Native Frame collaborate with partners to deliver excellence in live streaming?

Building excellence in live streaming requires a diverse team of experts. Native Frame™ actively cultivates relationships with various stakeholders, including software tool makers, platform providers, producers, engineers, and project managers. We are committed to expanding our partner ecosystem and welcome discussions with industry professionals interested in enhancing the live streaming experience.

What is Native Frame's approach to innovation and ongoing development of features?

With an engineering mindset at our core, Native Frame™ continually enhances its toolkit with new features and functionalities. In our upcoming blog post, we will delve into the secrets behind our native solutions, highlighting our dedication to staying at the forefront of live streaming technology to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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