Assembling Your Video Production Team

Specialized Production Companies

Producing a video livestream involves a variety of specialized roles, each contributing to the seamless broadcast of the event. Some streamers fly completely solo, both producing and starring in their livestreams.

Others build teams with dozens of members, each with highly specialized skills.  Producers, directors, engineers, camera operators, RF operators, replay operators, graphics specialists, sound mixers, commentators, and analysts all bring the experience needed to make a livestream successful.

Video production companies

The Society of Broadcast Engineers lists 312 engineers in their directory with specialties ranging from producing a radio broadcast to incorporating AI into the broadcast workflow.  There are a dozen websites including Drone Pilots Central, that are expressly designed to help find an FAA approved drone pilot. The ecosystem of free-lance talent available to contribute to a video project is wide and deep and rapidly evolving.

For those without the time or inclination to assemble their own team of freelancers, there are numerous agencies are available to provide whatever resources are needed.  

Here are a few examples:

1. Special Guest

Special Guest has built compelling video for many well known brands from Google to National Geographic.  The team at Special Guest knows how to draw you in.  Check out this one for Nat Geo’s Brain Games.

2. Varvid

Varvid specializes in livestreaming events to platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.  From real sports to esports or even fashion shows, Varvid has everything needed and budget friendly package prices.  Here is their live streaming reel.

3. True Film Production Services

True Film is small team of experienced video producers that will bring a very high level of personal engagement to a project, and if more resources are needed, they can pull in more talent from their relationships built over decades.  True Film has done work for big brands and community events, including this one about Heaf: Decision Day.

As makers of the technology that drives live streaming, we work with talented video producers all day long.

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