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How to Monetize Livestreaming
Kate Migliazzo
May 3, 2024
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Live streaming is emerging as a powerful means for brands, publishers, and other content providers to monetize content in real time. When it comes to live events, audiences now have an expectation that events will be made available virtually. Platforms like Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube have launched influencer culture into the mainstream, making livestreaming a ubiquitous form of content consumption.

According to Technavio, the global livestreaming market will grow to $3.21 billion in 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2%. With livestreaming set to grow exponentially, opportunities for monetization are boundless.

While ads, subscriptions, and sponsorships are some of the most popular forms to monetize content, there are plenty of possibilities to go beyond a commercial and a paywall.

At Native Frame, here are a few different approaches that we’re excited about for 2024:

Elevate the Fan Experience

Your most loyal fans deserve the best, even if they are joining from hundreds (or thousands) miles away. Offering a virtual VIP tier allows your most valuable fans to access premium experiences online. Create restricted and exclusive virtual rooms where fans can meet & greet pre and post event, ask questions, and pose for group selfies.

Create a Marketplace Platform

An online marketplace brings buyers and sellers together, and acts as a mediator between the parties. For example, Whatnot allows individual sellers to host livestreams and sell their products to a live audience. By building a livestream platform for people to connect and transact in real-time, you can charge a percentage or flat fee for each transaction on your platform.

Host a Shoppable Livestream

In the same vein, any brand or organization can sell their own merchandise with QVC style live shopping shows. Feature special guests, stylists, and experts to provide tips, product demonstrations, and inspiration. Layer clickable product listings, online cart, and checkout directly on the livestream for a seamless viewer and shopper experience.


While most streaming audiences are accustomed to pay-per-view with a one-time fee, pay-per-minute can present an alternative for price sensitive consumers. Unlike most video streaming platforms, Native Frame can authenticate viewership down to the second, allowing for enhanced precision, control, and more flexible pricing structures. For example, you can charge a flat fee which includes a fixed allotment of time. Once the time is exceeded, there is an overage rate for each additional time increment. This allows you to control costs, optimize revenue, and provide viewers with freedom to pay as they watch.

No matter which approach you want to take with livestream monetization, it’s important to offer content that aligns with your brand, your business objectives, and what is meaningful for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enhance viewer engagement during live events?

Elevating the fan experience is key. Consider offering virtual VIP tiers where your most loyal fans can access exclusive experiences like meet & greets, Q&A sessions, and group selfies, creating a more interactive and personalized event atmosphere.

What are some innovative ways to monetize live streaming beyond traditional methods?

Creating a marketplace platform can be lucrative. By hosting live streams where sellers can showcase and sell products directly to viewers, you can charge a percentage or flat fee for each transaction, opening up new revenue streams beyond ads and subscriptions.

How can I integrate e-commerce into my live streams effectively?

Host shoppable live streams akin to QVC-style shopping shows. Feature special guests, experts, and product demonstrations while allowing viewers to browse and purchase items directly from the livestream, enhancing engagement and driving sales in real-time.

What's the advantage of implementing a pay-per-minute model for live streaming?

Unlike traditional pay-per-view, pay-per-minute offers more flexibility for price-sensitive consumers. With Native Frame's ability to authenticate viewership down to the second, you can control costs, optimize revenue, and provide viewers with the freedom to pay only for the time they watch, potentially increasing viewer satisfaction and retention.

How can I ensure that my live stream monetization strategies align with my brand and audience?

It's essential to prioritize content that resonates with your brand identity and business objectives while catering to the interests and preferences of your audience. Whether it's offering exclusive experiences, facilitating e-commerce, or implementing unique payment models, aligning your strategies with your brand values and audience expectations is paramount for success in live stream monetization.

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