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Expertise in Custom-Built Applications

Native Frame views the market through an engineering lens. Each time we build a video application for clients, we sharpen our methodology and delivery platform by rolling in key lessons learned. With decades of experience, we still get an electric boost when solving a new challenge. We shine in such moments because we engineer, test, and deploy solutions to our video application components creating a custom-built Native Frame platform meeting specific and unique customer requirements.

We can deploy and customize these elements rapidly and with confidence, giving us the competitive advantage of focusing most of our effort on the unique and most valuable part of each client’s need.

Create a custom-built platform that meets customer needs

The features of the Native Frame platform, accessible through our engineering team or its fully documented API deck, include hosting hundreds of livestreams, delivering streams to thousands of concurrent viewers, managing paywalls and premium features, and synchronizing multiple simultaneous streams of the same event. We are steadily adding new capabilities including those needed by mobile app developers.

We Deliver Creative Solutions

Often, the delivered Native Frame solution can be deployed by our clients in-house technical teams directly referring to our extensive documentation set for assistance.  In situations where client deployment independence isn’t feasible, we’re there with them to leverage our experience.  We can either take on the full responsibility of deploying and integrating their solution ourselves or, we can blend our engineers and project managers with our client’s business managers and technology staff into a team perfectly tailored to each project.  

This approach affords us extraordinary results, even with aggressive time and budget constraints.  Even though we have the best toolset and the best people, we will not get our clients caught in the trap of overly optimistic timelines or inadequate budgets.  We are committed to the success of each and every project and provide the guidance our clients need from the very first day we start planning their new live video streaming application together.

We spend our time thinking about live streaming video and are eager to share what we have learned with our clients and the community.  

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