Massive streaming at minimal cost

Finally, a livestreaming platform that lets you scale profitably

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Slash Your Streaming OPEX

Migrating to private cloud can result in big savings and provide predictable and transparent costs.

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We make scaling efficient and cost friendly

Migrating to Native Frame could help manage costs as your number of broadcasts increase

Private Cloud

Performance, control, and agility, designed for your video requirements

We offer a private cloud video infrastructure tailored to your needs and managed by streaming experts. With Native Frame Private Cloud TM, enjoy the benefits of a dedicated environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional SaaS platforms.

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Enhanced Security and Control

Our private cloud is dedicated to your organization, providing isolation from other users. You have the flexibility to implement customized security policies that fit your needs and compliance requirements.

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Increased reliability and performance

The dedicated nature of Native Frame’s private cloud reduces the risk of resource contention, ensuring consistent network performance and low latency.

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Scalability and customization

Scale your resources up or down based on demand. You can design and customize your infrastructure based on your unique performance and resources.

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Encoding Best Practices: Leveraging Broadcaster Devices

Effective, efficient, and reliable streaming starts with sound encoding decisions.  In this best practices guide, our video experts point the way for conserving bits, keeping costs down, and striking a balance between high-performance and playback compatibility.
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