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We empower partners with advanced features, unparalleled reliability and significant cost savings.
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Partner Advantages
As a Native Frame™ partner,  gain access to technical and marketing resources, empowering you to deepen customer engagement and maximize revenue potential.
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Access to joint marketing campaigns, co-marketing content and Native Frame partner directory listing.
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The Native Frame™ platform offers comprehensive support resources and documentation to assist  in integrating and optimizing  livestream solutions.
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Full Control
Maintain full control of client relationships, while ensuring customized experiences and direct communication channels.
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Expand and Scale
Easily scale livestreaming capabilities to accommodate varying audience sizes and demand spikes without compromising performance.
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Tap into new revenue streams while reducing development costs and time-to-market. Our private cloud offering offers customers who scale significant cost-savings.
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Leverage the latest advancements in livestreaming technology and features offered by Native Frame, enabling you to stay competitive and innovate.
Leverage us to propel your business forward
Whether you're a media platform seeking innovative livestream solutions or a production company looking to integrate advanced features, we offer flexibility and customization to suit a diverse array of partners.
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Video Production
Expand your team capacity and add new streaming features and functionality.
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Digital Agencies
Create deeper engagement in your campaigns through live streaming technology.
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Platform Providers
Embed the Native Frame platform technology in your app or platform.
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System Integrators
Add live streaming as a new practice area to satisfy client demand and enhance client relationships.

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