Welcome to ChalkCast: The Future of Virtual Classrooms

Teach Anything, To Anyone, From Anywhere

ChalkCast is revolutionizing the way education is delivered in remote and hybrid settings. Designed specifically for educators, this platform transforms virtual classrooms into engaging, interactive, and effective learning environments. Easy to set up and loved by students, ChalkCast brings the essence of in-person teaching to the digital realm.

Transforming Virtual Education into an Interactive Experience


Aerial Breakout Rooms

Facilitate small group discussions with our unique bird's eye view. Launch groups on the fly, create random or manual groups, and use press-to-talk technology for efficient communication.

Simultaneous Screen Sharing

Engage students with Show+Tell screen sharing. Allow students to share their work, give and receive feedback, and collaborate in real time.

Real-Time Feedback with Nudge

Grab attention or provide quick support with our nudge tool – a direct and effective way to communicate beyond traditional chat messages.

Automated Attendance Tracking

Bring visual communication to your virtual classroom. Our smart chalkboard allows for real-time sketching, explanations, and interactive problem-solving.

Icebreaker Feature

Make your classes more fun and engaging. Use real-time questions or polls to break up monotony and assess student understanding.

Elevate Your Teaching Experience

ChalkCast offers a seamless and inclusive learning experience, accessible on any device and designed to meet the needs of today's diverse educational landscape. Whether you're teaching from a laptop or engaging via a smartphone, ChalkCast ensures that learning knows no bounds.
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