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Seamlessly Integrate Remote Video Feeds into OBS Studio

CameraPro is here to transform the way you manage remote video feeds in your productions. Designed for seamless integration with OBS Studio, our platform allows you to access and manage high-quality camera feeds from anywhere, ensuring your production is not just innovative but also effortlessly manageable.

Elevating Video Quality and Production Efficiency


Ultra-Low Latency

Experience sub-500ms latency for all camera feeds, making remote interviews and talk shows feel as natural as in-person conversations.

Brand Customization

Make each live stream uniquely yours. Customize the visual elements to align with your brand identity, ensuring your live streams are not only engaging but also memorable.

Centralized Dashboards

Easily manage video feeds from multiple devices in one place with a CameraPro account, streamlining your production process.

Group Production Capabilities

Create rooms and invite guests with ease. Perfect for productions requiring multiple talents, allowing isolation of each video and audio feed.

Mobile Integration

Turn your mobile device into a professional webcam. Log in on both desktop and mobile to quickly add mobile camera feeds into your production.

Workflow Optimization

Features like drag-and-drop and tailor-made solutions are designed to enhance your workflow, giving you more time to focus on creative aspects of your production.

Transform Your Video Production Today

With CameraPro, adding remote video feeds into your broadcast software is not just easy; it's a game-changer. Whether you're using OBS Studio, Stream Labs, or any broadcaster that captures web pages, CameraPro is your solution for high-quality, efficient video production.
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