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Native Frame partners with Enfocal to deliver better customer engagement using live streaming

A whole new level of engagement and connection isa bout to begin as we combine the power of live streaming with the magic of personalized video!
April 22, 2024

Native Frame and Enfocal are excited to announce a strategic partnership that aims to transform the landscape of customer engagement through innovative video solutions. This collaboration unites ENFOCAL's expertise in creating tailored, impactful video narratives with Native Frame's advanced streaming technology to set a new benchmark for immersive and interactive video experiences.

"Our partnership with Native Frame marks a significant leap forward in our quest to revolutionize customer engagement through video. Joining forces with Native Frame allows us to leverage the power of live streaming to elevate our personalized video campaigns to unprecedented levels. This synergy is a cornerstone of our strategy to deliver authentic, impactful experiences that resonate with individuals on a personal level."

Brandon Eisenstein

A partnership that redefines engagement

This partnership will redefine how businesses connect with their audiences, offering unparalleled customization and quality in video streaming. The collaboration between ENFOCAL and Native Frame will leverage the strengths of both companies to provide customers with a seamless, high-definition viewing experience that is both engaging and personally relevant.

Dana Green, Native Frame's CEO also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Working with ENFOCAL allows us to push the boundaries of live streaming technology. Together, we are committed to delivering not just content, but a unique experience that resonates with each viewer on a personal level.".

The partnership between ENFOCAL and Native Frame will enable businesses to harness the power of live and on-demand video streaming, combined with advanced personalization techniques, to create a more engaging and effective customer experience. This initiative represents a significant step towards a future where digital content is not only accessible but also deeply resonant and impactful.  

About Native Frame™

Native Frame is a state-of-the-art provider of livestreaming software and infrastructure specializing in video ingest, transcoding, user generated content, real-time communication, and live streaming at scale. We provide developers with robust and flexible APIs to integrate real-time and interactive streaming into their applications.


ENFOCAL helps leading brands like Coca-Cola, Virgin, Vodafone, AIA, and VW pioneer a revolutionary approach to customer engagement through hyper-personalized videos at scale, reshaping how businesses connect with their audiences. Our cutting-edge technology empowers companies to build personalized communication journeys, driving tangible business outcomes across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

From groundbreaking campaigns covering elements like Acquisitions, Onboarding, Cross Selling, and Upselling existing customers to driving retentions and fostering long-term loyalty, ENFOCAL delivers unparalleled results through tailored video communication.

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