How Native Frame™ helped Xbox expand collaboration between broadcasters & producers

CameraPro creates real time video connection and collaboration through the use of Native Frame™ API



After Covid, the livestreaming industry saw a huge spike in new broadcasters, including: game streaming, podcasts, and art. There were new and already established broadcasters that now had to work within the limitations of social distancing. Any broadcasts that were produced in a studio or shared space, had to go completely remote. The options for collaboration lacked what Native Frame™ believed to be essential.


Companies like Xbox needed a way to promote collaboration and connection for global audiences of producers, viewers, and broadcasters. Native Frame™developed CameraPro to create four primary solutions that would help solve this problem.


CameraPro creates real time video connections that can be implemented into broadcasting softwares. By taking advantage of Native Frame™’s customizable and flexible API, CameraPro developed a “Camera” feature, which allows users to generate a link once their cameras are started, displaying the video in a clean feed. In supporting software, this link can be added as a source. The result is the same as having a camera connected to the local machine but with a small delay.


CameraPro knew that for professional users, it would be essential that they have full control over all video and audio settings. CameraPro was able to create a solution that allows companies like Xbox to give their content producers flexibility with maximum efficiency. To get the highest quality picture, producers can control video resolution, frame rate, and bitrate.


A lot of CameraPro users work with individuals who are not familiar with complex video softwares. They wanted workflow improvements with easy to navigate user experience. With that in mind, CameraPro was able to create a solution that was as straightforward as possible. For Xbox content producers, the less time a producer has to explain to the talent how to send a remote video feed, the better. Native Frame™’s technology allowed CameraPro the flexibility to create a user-friendly experience.


CameraPro needed to create virtual rooms where Xbox users could have the space to collaborate in real time. Similar to other video conferencing software, CameraPro created a “Room” feature. This allows users to create a room and invite guests. When a user is in a room, their video feed is broadcasted to a link that can be added into supporting broadcast softwares.

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