How Native Frame™ enabled MAHRA to sell more tickets to their events

The Manchester Area Human Resources Association (MAHRA) holds monthly program meetings, seminars, professional accreditation opportunities, and social events for HR professionals. These events provide members with the opportunity to share information and experiences about personnel issues.

Native Frame™ Case Study


MAHRA typically runs their events during workday mornings and only sees about 50% of member participation. When the COVID pandemic shut down their in person events, they had to quickly adapt to an online experience. Since then, they have resumed their in person events, but additionally wanted to reach the other 50% of members in a hybrid model. They wanted a full audio and video production that could be delivered to paid ticket holders for each event. To enhance engagement, they also wanted members to be able to participate in Q&A sessions.


The Native Frame™ team created an embeddable low latency live video player that could be locked behind a password protected page. Native Frame™’s video technology worked seamlessly with the production company’s broadcasting software, and could support high bitrate HD video and audio. The password locked page provides privacy and protects MAHRA’s content, while boosting ticket sales for those members who could not attend the event in person. The MAHRA events are designed to teach and share best practices among the HR professionals. Native Frame™ included a chat feature along with the live video that allowed the HR professionals to ask questions and engage with members and speakers.

“Thanks to Native Frame™ Manchester Area HR Association (MAHRA) was able to live stream our first hybrid experience for our normally only live event. In this first round we had 16 attendees join from their offices. The stream quality was amazing and the ease of use for the end user and MAHRA was phenomenal. Any technical glitches at set up were handled with calm and ease and the program felt monumental. This service will allow us to expand our membership and reach as well as drive our mission of “Inspiring leaders to elevate their organizations through people.”

— Brie Elliott

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